ÂżWhat are the Archaeological Zones?

Archaeological zones are sites that contain important historical remains and structures that allow us to understand and study the culture and history of ancient civilizations. These areas often contain remains of human settlements, such as cities, temples, palaces, tombs, fortresses, and other constructions dating from different eras.

Tour Chichen Itza - Tours in Playa del Carmen

It is an archaeological site located in the Yucatan peninsula, in Mexico. It was a sacred city and an important political and economic center of the Mayan civilization, which reached its height between the 9th and 12th centuries AD.

Tour this majestic City with us and admire all the architectural constructions that are still preserved, we will give you a guided tour of this area, you will also enjoy a typical regional lunch, you will refresh yourself in the crystalline waters of a cenote and we will take you to the plaza from the magical town of Valladolid.

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Another important archaeological site located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea is this ancient Mayan city (Tulum), a site close to unique geological formations formed by the erosion of limestone called Cenotes. Akumal is a popular destination for its crystal clear waters and the large number of sea turtles that can be seen on its reefs.

We take you on a guided tour of the Tulum area, you will refresh yourself in the crystalline waters of a cenote and we will delight you with a meal in a local restaurant, then you will swim with these majestic creatures on the beaches of Akumal

Tour Tulum-Cobá-Cenote - Tours in Playa del Carmen

Previously we gave you a brief information about what Tulum is. But in this tour there is another destination called Cobá. This archaeological site of the ancient Mayan civilization, is located in the Yucatan peninsula and is known for its pyramids. Especially the Nohoch Mul pyramid, one of the highest in the region.

We invite you to visit these two archaeological zones full of mysticism and history.
Then we will take you to a cenote to cool off and continue to marvel at the history and beauty of these natural phenomena. Without a doubt, a tour that will make you see history in a different and exciting way.

Tour Tulum-Cenote | Tours in Playa del Carmen - Tours del Carmen

In this tour you will be able to visit the ruins of Tulum and a cenote in a half-day excursion. You will enjoy the history of these two destinations that undoubtedly have a lot of history and fun for you, family or friends. We are waiting for you to live an unforgettable experience in the Riviera Maya.

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